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Friday, December 9, 2011

Whats your code style? isBigger contest!

Whats your code style? isBigger(...) contest!


Hi there! In this blog i want to see and learn from you. Post a), b), c) and so to show us how you code and why. Share your expirience with us. You may type/post your own solution if it isn't here. The goal of this post is to figure out the best code snippet to solve a specific, concrete problem as clean as you can and to share it with the world. 

The Task

Tell us how you would resolve spontaneously following current task:
how would you write a method that checks if one value is greater than the other? 

Solution A)

boolean isBigger( int a, int b){  boolean result=false;  if(a>b){   result=true; } return result; }

Solution B)

boolean isBigger( int a, int b){ 
  return true;
return false;

Solution C)

boolean isBigger( int a, int b){ 
 return a>b? true: false;

Solution D)

boolean isBigger( int a, int b){ 
 return a>b;

Solution E)

boolean isBigger( int a, int b){ 
 return Integer.valueOf(a).compareTo(Integer.valueOf(b)) <0;

Solution F)

interface compare<T>{
 boolean isBigger(T a, T b);

Solution G)

<T> boolean isBigger( T a, T b){ 
 return a > b;

Solution H)

boolean isLeftValueBiggerThanRightValue ( int leftValue, int rightValue){ 
  return leftValue > rightValue && leftValue != rightValue;

Solution I)

<T> boolean isBigger( T value1, T value2){ 
 final int equal = 0;
 return T.valueOf(value1).compareTo(T.valueOf(value2)) > equal;

Solution J)

you may post your own solution... Post you comment at the end of this blog!

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  1. spontanneously solution A)

  2. public static final < T extends Comparable< T > > boolean isLeftBiggerRight( T left , T right ) {
    final int equal = 0;
    return left.compareTo( right ) > equal;

  3. spontanneously solution D